“When one watches Peter Mac perform as Garland, it’s hard to distinguish where reality ends and illusion begins. The vocals are so close, and the recreation so precise, that it’s nearly impossible not to be taken in completely…every mannerism that Garland had is there…simply impeccable!” ~Elliot Zwiebach, Cabaret Scenes


“His meticulous impersonation of the iconic actor-singer provides Mac with the opportunity to conjure her essence. He does so brilliantly and with such warmth and grace, that it’s a cinch he will entertain wide-ranging audiences. He’s equally as affecting as a first-rate male singing artist as he is a dazzling female impersonator.” ~Les Spindle, Backstage Magazine


Top 10 Must See Shows in Boston - "When I closed my eyes, I swore I was listening to Judy Garland. In a performance of bewitching finesse and contagious passion, Mac is a sensation. With an oft-changing show that performs nearly every Saturday, it’s time to make Judy Garland part of your New Year’s resolution." - Christopher Ehlers, Digg Boston Magazine